Marybeth & Brendan | Anna Maria Island, FL  

We booked Blanton Creative pretty late in the game (we were trying to figure out how much money we had left in the budget) and we’re so glad we did! They were absolutely wonderful. Most weddings I have been to, the videographer hovers and is always in the way but Dustin did an incredible job laying low yet still being able to capture every little magical moment. We couldn’t be more happy with the final highlight video of our wedding. He did exactly what I asked and so more. Dustin is a true artist. I highly recommend booking Blanton Creative to capture your special day
— Marybeth Monaghan

Behind The Scenes


wedding Vendors

Venue: The Sunset Tiki @ Anna Maria Island Beach, FL

Photographer: Ledia Tashi - @lediatashi

Wedding Coordinator: The Sunset Weddings (Stephanie Lawrence)

Flowers: @flowersbyshelbyglynn 

Hair & Makeup: @lillianrosebeauty