Surprise Proposal | Oregon Coast | Pacific Northwest

We can barley find the words to describe this moment - stunning, beautiful, and sincere are just a few to start with! Dustin and I were thrilled when Cody reached out to us describing his plans and vision for this day.

The plans began in December 2018, we started talking about going on a family vacation - and mentioned wanting to go back to Oregon, just to explore again as it was a place we (Dustin and I) fell in love with! When this was mentioned to Victoria she was all for it, as going to Oregon had always been on her bucket list!

Little did we know Cody was already planning a trip in February to take Victoria somewhere for her birthday, but she persisted that Oregon was the place she wanted to go! So he put his February plans to a halt, and we started planning for Oregon! Due to all of our crazy schedules we couldn’t find time to take the trip until May 2019. So for almost 5 months, Dustin, Cody and I planned what this moment was going to be.

After numerous phone calls, text messages, and re enactments of this moment we all hopped on a plane and headed across the country! Since Dustin and I take a camera with us practically everywhere we go, when we decided to “vlog” this hike, Victoria didn’t think much of it - not even when we made Cody wear a microphone the whole hike because we wanted to get “raw candid audio” of his reactions - really we just wanted to hear him pop “the question” 🤫

After about an hour of hiking the 3 mile trail we finally made it to the look out point, and as I distracted Victoria with talk about the amazing views, Dustin turned on Cody’s mic, Cody pulled the ring out of his backpack and we got ready for this moment!

This is me distracting Victoria by taking her photo 😂

This is me distracting Victoria by taking her photo 😂

Dustin was staging a specific shot with Victoria - we told her we wanted to get some slow motion footage of her walking out to the edge of this cliff and taking in all the amazing views. Little did she know Cody was not far behind, and after a few minutes these two were officially engaged!

The moment couldn’t of been more perfect! We hope you enjoy this teaser, and photos while we work on perfecting the final video - Cody & Victoria - Coming Soon ⛰

Surprise Engagement