Wedding day Tips 

1. Choosing to have an unplugged ceremony

Chances are you have spent a lot of time and money searching and finding the perfect photographer and videographer for your big day, and I'm sure its been extremely overwhelming! Everyone wants their day to be storybook prefect, and that includes the prefect photos and video to watch for years to come. We understand that you may have family traveling from far and near to watch you marry the one you love, and they can't wait to capture the walk down the isle or that first kiss. Unfortunately, sometimes guests can get too excited and not notice that there are professionals around them trying to capture the same prefect shot! We want to be able to deliverer the best footage to you, and don't want any of those perfect shots to be ruined. Don't worry Blanton Creative will always share our final video with you, your friends and your family & I'm sure your photographer will do the same! 

2. Staying clean and neat

This one may sound a little silly, but trust us it's important! Have you noticed how clean and tidy some of the brides and grooms getting ready rooms look? Having a clean and neat space will truly show in your video and photos! We kindly ask that you try to keep your spaces as tidy as possible before we begin shooting. 

3. choosing comfortable and fitted dresses/suits 

This again may sound a little silly, but no one wants a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of their wedding video! We will always try to do our best to keep these little things out of the video, however no one wants a bridesmaid or groomsmen who is uncomfortable and readjusting their suit, pants, or dressing during the ceremony! 

4. Slow and Steady

When walking down the isle make sure you are taking your time, we want to be able to capture your graceful walk down the isle but still give time for the photographer to get their shot as well. This goes for any groomsmen and bridesmaid. A good tip to give your wedding party is to leave a good amount of distance between each member while walking down the isle! Everyone that is attending your wedding is there to celebrate your big day, never a reason to rush!

5. Bouquets to bellybutton 

Keeping your bridal bouquet in the general area of your bellybutton will insure that we will be able to see your beautiful and smiling faces! 

6. The Exit 

If you are debating on an exit for your wedding, the answer is YES! Sparklers? YES. Bubbles? YES. Confetti? YES. Any type of exit is amazing! You can choose if you want your exist to happen right after the ceremony, or at the end of the reception. No matter what time you do it, we can honestly say it makes for a great ending to a perfect video & really awesome photos too! If you are going with a sparkler exit, make sure you get the longer sparklers. This will ensure you have enough time to run back and forth between your guests a couple of times (one time for us and one time for the photographers) also longer sparklers will help keep the embers off the bride and groom!